Nimmerheim / Neverhome


13 panels
archival prints, wood, pins

For me, Nimmerheim reflects my involvement with the old homeland Cluj-Napoca. The word describes the feeling of being close to home, but only up to a certain limit. For if one stays away from the original homeland in a foreign country for too long, the tables turn, the homeland becomes a foreign country and the foreign country becomes the homeland. In thoughts only fragments of memories remain and what remained in thoughts looks different today. 

In this project I have dealt with this memory, in my case with the memories of my childhood in Cluj-Napoca and how I find these places today, almost twenty years later. Old black and white photographs served me as help and association material. These stand, in each case on the left side of the book pictorially for the past, while the color photographs represent the now. The interleaves serve as “windows” into the past and into the future. They allow only a detailed view of the image that this fragment of my memory contains.

13 double pages from the artist’s book are designed as wall hangings in the form of art prints on the same textured paper as in the book. Insert the interleaves, designed from thin wood, to “flip” between the images hanging on the wall. 

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