31.5 x 24cm – 31.5 x 61cm, 12.4″ x 9.44″ – 12.4″ x 24″
3×7 photographs

“Time speeding ahead as the train speeds ahead, pushing us forward into life, then more life, but also time as the past, that lies behind..”
Paul Auster

The present work deals with the question, how dimensions of spatial perception change during passive traveling. It is the first conceptual approach within a longer period of time wherein I photographically translated different forms of mobility in the western hemisphere of the 21st century.
Continuum is a journey through time and space. Tranquility. Relief within our steadily moving society, wherein the subject has little time for contemplation. Time out.
People who travel by public transportation means are able to lean back and dream embedded in the moment of passive traveling, being withdrawn within oneself; the moment when we watch, without seeing. By this we realize only vaguely the space that surrounds us. Absorbed in thoughts, the eye is not focusing. The depth of space cannot be captured by objects, they merge into color spaces. Kontinuum.

I photographed these apparently surreal “time spaces” for several months during my many travels across Germany and Europe. They have all been captured with the same time exposure, showing us the picture within a moment of contemplation.
One sequence can reflect a single journey, or several parts of a trip, wherein we allow our thoughts to fly away. (2006)