babel is a sound piece of Kant’s Categorical Imperative recorded in 21 languages (English, French, Chinese, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish, Farsi, Greek, Danish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, German, Japanese, Turkish, Urdu and Hebrew).
Until today, the Categorical Imperative symbolizes a chore value to human being. It unites what all religions in the world are seeking for by different parables within their systems of belief. Kant reminds us of our moral responsibility that we shall seek in our actions towards ourself and the Other.
Constant consciousness and understanding towards the Other is required in order to live according to this maxim, but is it realistic?

I thank my artist fellows for participating and for their time researching the quote in their mother tongue (which turned out to be quite a challenge at times) and patience in having lent me their inner rhythms and voices:

Shay Arick, Pabi Chulo, Ufuk Dogan, Tom Loughlin, Andreanne Michon, Ma Li, Stefan Jora, Manuela Ochoa, Francisco Pinhero, Sogol Rezvani, Ouater Sand, Dimitra Skandali, Saher Sohail, Sho Tsunoda, Michal W. Wisniewski.

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