Untitled (Foreign Angst)

All of The Lights

Online Group Exhibition February 10 – March 31

Light, literally or metaphorically can stir conversation on direction, intensity, color,
contrast, and hardness. There are seven basic properties of light:
reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, polarization, dispersion and scattering. Properties of visible light are intensity, propagation direction, and frequency. Light can be conceptual: have you seen a light at the end of a dark tunnel?
In Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “A Dream” from the 1830’s, he wrote “In visions of the dark night, I have dreamed of joy departed— But a waking dream of life and light, Hath left me broken-hearted.” 10 years ago, rapper Kanye West wrote: “Lights: Cop lights, flashlights, spotlights, strobe lights, street lights (all of the lights, all of the lights) – Fast life, drug life, thug life, rock life every night (all of the lights, all of the
In the 2008 film “The Dark Knight,” character Harvey Dent states “The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.”
Denise Oehl

For “All of The Lights,” treat gallery accepted artists with creative interpretations and representations of this theme. Exhibitors: Abhiruk Lahiri, Anna Gregor, Athena Cooper, Brandon Movall, Bumpy Wilson, Catherine Comtois, Christopher Jordan, Denise M Oehl, Diana Cheren Nygren, Elisabeth Ajtay, Elizabeth Riley, Elle DioGuardi, Franziska Ostermann, Jessica Bruzzaniti, Jennifer Georgescu, Julia Forrest, Julianne Nash, Keith Thomson, Lisa Czernikowski, Keegan Baatz, Mac Boldt, Maggie Moran, Marcy Palmer, Marie Ruprecht, Massimiliano Esposito, Matthew Usukumah, Nataliya Hines, Nika De Carlo, Parsley Steinweiss, Shelby Vaught, Tamara English, Timon I, Travis Donovan & Tyler Crimando. treat gallery is committed to helping businesses and individuals throughout the boroughs of New York City. For this exhibition, we will donate 25% of all sales to New York City based nonprofit Candlelighters NYC. Since 2007, Candlelighters NYC has been helping kids fighting cancer and their families. Kids from all over the world come to New York City to receive the best pediatric cancer treatment available. Candlelighters NYC assists through all stages: discovery, diagnosis, education, treatment and remission. They provide an emotional support system full of love and comfort while they are so far away from home, and add quality of life to children with cancer by providing them with a fun, positive atmosphere to help them feel normal in a situation that is so far from that. When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it is a dark day. Candlelighters NYC guides children and their families into “finding the light.” Thank you for helping treat gallery treat others.