Unmasked Countenances


Unmasked Countenances, deals with the challenges of communicating without our most important tools, namely language and the human voice.

I’ve had this project in mind since I first wore a mask in San Francisco, California. That was in 2017, when the fires were raging so fiercely that it was almost impossible to breathe. During the pandemic, this was the third time in my life that I found myself in a life-threatening situation. I recorded this series during the COVID-19 pandemic. After experiencing the unknown and unfamiliar restrictions of having to wear a mask, I found myself focusing only on people’s eyes to connect, to understand.

The portraits tie in with my work Concentrates, a visualization of emotional messages hidden in acronyms. I shot this series during the COVID-19 pandemic, while quarantined in NYC. Having experienced the unknown and unusual limitations having to wear a mask I caught myself focusing on people’s eyes only in order to connect, to understand.

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