40 x 40 cm, 15.74″ x 15.74″
Photography, C-print

The day turns, awoken into night, accompanied by deep silence, but thoughts inside the head cause a roar. They pulse. The primary aspect is being alone with oneself, with one’s own thoughts. When the room is quiet and the mind heavy, unusual pictures seem to irritate, to confuse, and new perspectives are revealed. Thoughts come and go as we try to sort them. Given our full attention, we bring them to the outside. Slowly the hidden noises take shape.

Restless is an attempt to catch day-time life in our night-time silence. It is a visual dialogue within my space works. With these images, I focus on mind traveling and what evolves from it in a physical presence. This series I created between the Kontinuum and Transit works yet it represents just another in-between space of the mobile individual, a place for contemplation.