6” x 12” x 4” / 15.24 cm x 30.48 cm x 10.16 cm each 
Canvas, paint, “Made in China” stickers

These Made in China stickers crossed my path at some point in 2014. Their sheer amount triggered an urge deep inside me to create something with them. Having been raised in Romania, we belonged to the Communist sector of the world, thus many goods were imported from China. Once I hit the ground in San Francisco and I wandered through China town, the biggest in the US, memories of my childhood resurfaced in a series of flashbacks. How paradox I thought, here I am, in the west of the West, yet my eastern past is present as it hasn’t been in a long time. Back in Romania in the 80s, when it was still ruled by Ceausescu, who, throughout the years has established a dictatorship, many commodity goods we had came from China. Romania, as all of Eastern Europe was on the other side of the Curtain.

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