Kehrtwende (U-Turn)

Ebersberg Art Association, 2021

As part of its second Arcadia Festival, the Kunstverein Ebersberg organizes temporary art interventions and interventions in public space on the subject of Arcadia. Arcadia as a dream of a better world should be understood as a platform for today’s problem solving and solution strategies. Especially in times of upheaval and change, the arts have an important social mission. They ask questions, set exclamation marks, provide food for thought or cause irritation. It’s not about decoration, but rather about dealing with the rapidly growing changes. Whether digitization, a changing world of work, rapidly growing capitalism or increasing social problems, the polarization and division of society, the cancel culture or climate change – the political, social, economic and ecological upheavals, changes and processes currently taking place must be reflected and negotiated. It’s about nothing less than the question of how we want to live in the future.