Tot Inainte (Onward)

65 color photographs, 12 interviews
Gallery: Excerpt of images

In 1989, the communist dictator Ceausescu was brought down and in 2007 Romania has officially joined the European Union. In 2005 I traveled home to my former hometown Cluj for a one moth stay to retain impressions from the town, and interviewed its residents about their lives and their expectations. This way, a multifaceted portray of a town within a time of enormous change in  the system came into being, with hopeful, but also depressing opinions. While especially the young judged the new freedoms and chances as positive, the elders often lamented about the new challenges and the difficulties to adapt to these; socially and mentally. This unfolds an ambivalent image, which is shaped likewise by the glittering world of commodities of capitalism, fear of losing social status and new poverty.
Twelve interviews, which I have taken with the portrayed people give an idea about their expectations towards the change.