The Originality of A Moment

Archival inkjet print
5.5 x 11/11.4 cm x 22.86 cm each,
available single (1/9) or as a grid (1/1)

With these photographs investigate the different forms of reflected appearance objects and creatures can take, united via both abstraction and expansion into one singular visual form, transforming them from their natural state to a wholly reduced and subjective one.
By working with reflections and capturing them with my camera I also question photography and its reflection on reality. If the angle is so different, do we not recognize the picture as part of our well known reality? I reflect, expand-and-abstract the angle of perception, not only relative to its reflection of ourselves but also to the reflected world around us, and, potentially, within us.
The Originality of the Moment is my personal, conceptual answer to André Kertész “Distortions”.

“…Lisa Ajtay whose images from “The Originality of the Moment” look like peephole images of dream-like objects that could be flesh or bone or silk or stone;…”, SoMa Art Guide, San Francisco 2012