Based on the experience of growing up in two political systems during the times of the cold war and paradoxic shifting norms within their societies, I am interested in the psychological aspects of contemporary culture; how changes caused by forces outside our control, man made or natural, influence our social structures, single and/or collective emotional states and the human soul. Together with language, in terms of how it impacts and represents our consciousness, change generates lots of questions around topics of loss, the unknown, and death in its varied forms, which allows me to see and observe the present. 

Art and life as one entity becomes a fluid process, leading me to work on multiple projects simultaneously.  I move back and forth between themes and bodies of work that visually seem to oppose each other. Yet, they are merely different approaches to the same topics from alternative perspectives. Each body of work is a step towards another one and the concept determines the medium and the materials that I use. I thrive towards making art that has an emotional impact on the viewer. This can be a state of confusion, joyous euphoria or a feeling of discomfort. My approach is conceptual, personal and research based, refusing to tie myself down to one style, or one medium. As I describe myself as a “transnational”,  my attempt is to transcend labeling regarding race and nationality.