Choosing a flag color that I would be most comfortable with is difficult. Being a transnational, unrooted, I don’t identify myself as part of a nation. Nationality is a construction of the human mind, a system that has the qualities of a simulacrum. After long consideration, I have chosen a shade of the color of blood Red is present in many flags but more importantly, it is the color of the human blood. Regardless of color, race, ethnicity, geographic origin, the notion of “blue blooded” which means being special by birth due to a high social status one is born into – blood is this common trait that unites us and it  symbolizes in my opinion  the emotional states that we equally have in common.

The murals of San Francisco’s “Mission District”, are the city’s monuments. These murals in the Mission district evoke a deep fascination. They tell the history of the indigenous people of the Americas, as much as they address current political developments by engaging with topics around nature, mythology and political suppression. I strongly emphasize with the chore of these messages, the maintenance of a healthy balance between humans and nature.
The color that accompanies the collage is a dark red, almost brown, as is the the blood in the soil, representing the suffering and the connection to mother earth at the same time.

A portrait of me, drawn by Til, a photographer. 


4th Project : ‘Reversality’


Reversality is a project by globalmissionofart (GMOA), founded by Farhad Baham, Georges Hattab, Kevin Nazar.
The project consists of three parts, portraiture, monuments and social life wherein the artist undergoes the process of self-identification.

“According to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), self-determination is a newly enforced human right, which is evidenced by providing indigenous peoples with the option to state and freely choose what indigenous group they belong to. The concept of self-determination would be a key theme to articulate some of the contemporary critical theories regarding the disintegrated relations between cultural representation and self-identity caused by globalization. In this project, which is called “Reversality”, we are proposing a sequential outline in three phases to put the participating artists through the process of self-identification.”