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Features about my current show at DON SOKER Contemporary


DeWitt Cheng, Bay Area art critic’s review of Variations for Visual Art Source. http://www.visualartsource.com/index.php?page=editorial&pcID=17&aID=4507 More images of the installation can be seen at DeWitt Cheng’s blog. Kenneth Baker, SF Chronicle’s former art critic’s tweet about Variations.


IPA Honorable Mention

2014_IPA-honorable mention

With following photograph, from the ongoing series (2008 – ), yet untitled, comprised of images from daily life on decay, death and destruction: Beach Life 2011,┬ásize variable  


Exported Dreams, Imported Desires

Eat or Play

Please join me for my opening tonight at Ramon’s Tailor in San Francisco and take a chance to see Iris Alden’s Daily Fortune installation, who is showing as well! If you have an “American Dream” or a dream, notion about the “West” or, a life slogan that you stick to and that keeps you going,