Features about my current show at DON SOKER Contemporary

DeWitt Cheng, Bay Area art critic’s review of Variations for Visual Art Source. http://www.visualartsource.com/index.php?page=editorial&pcID=17&aID=4507 More images of the installation can be seen at DeWitt Cheng’s blog. Kenneth Baker, SF Chronicle’s former art critic’s tweet about Variations.


Variations at DON SOKER Contemporary Art

Variations is comprised of two bodies of work. The first one presented in this show is called metamorphosen (metamorphosis), 2013-2017, in which the artist uses found umbrellas and wires as source material. The umbrellas were picked up in the urban landscape; damaged by weather conditions against which they were promised to offer shelter. The collected


Über Grenze (n) / Of Border (s)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR8TDWt1EyA&t=21s In spring 2017, I have been invited by artist Hans Winkler to participate with a video in his long-term project BRENNER BARONS, starting in August, 2017. In this unedited video, I talk about the notion of borders from my very own perspective and experience. The recording is in German. Im Frühjahr 2017 hat mich


Penumbral States


Penumbral States, Alter Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA September 24 – October 29, 2016 Reception: 24 September, 7-10pm Elisabeth Ajtay’s Penumbral States is comprised of several works consisting of darkness punctuated with light. In darkness there is a space that exposes and reveals the fragility of the human body while simultaneously existing as a comfort




moonABC, Savernack Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA January 30 – March 31, 2016 There are only questions to be seen at Savernack Street Gallery – 2411 24th St. San Francisco, CA 94110, Open 24 Hours Savernackstreet.com



2015 Blue Star-Transmissions

Transmissions, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, San Antonio, TX June 4 – August 9, 2015 Featuring work by artists selected from the 2014 Open Call: Elisabeth Ajtay, Leticia Bajuyo, Candace Hicks, Benjamin McVey, Latifa Medjdoub, Clifton Riley, Ansen Seale, Kenneth Steinbach, Levente Sulyok, and Hyounsang Yoo. Conveying meaning through verbal and nonverbal methods to relay


Postal-Collage Project

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Postal-Collage Project No. 3 – Round Table [Collaboration] Initiated and coordinated by Marty McCutcheon In collaboration with Sabina Hahn, Caylly Jones, Jocelyn Jones and Lisa Ekström OPENING RECEPTION Saturday, 22 March • 6–10PM 2571 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, California Hope to see you there!  


Group Study

Me and My Childhood Friend

It is a mystery. Why does something catch our eye? Why do some things draw us in? Altogether, how does this attraction define us? Is it instinct or intellect? Roland Barthes, in his piece Camera Lucida, refers to the notion of punctum. Contextualizing this concept through the use of photography, the punctum (different from the